We are the Best Tasting BBQ in Town!

Ineng’s Special BBQ is not just a casual-dining restaurant. Ineng's Special BBQ is an experience intended to give young diners and families delicious Filipino comfort foods built on its special barbecue in an atmosphere of pleasure and fun that reminds one of home.


What's our food of the week?


Oh! Try our Special Pork BBQ with Pancit, perfect for special events.

Ineng's Homegrown Cuisine

New restaurant offering, Ineng's Homegrown Cuisine. Available on March 04, 2019.

We have something new for you. Presenting our new selection, Ineng's Homegrown Cuisine -- local taste at its finest. Visit our branches!

Graduation Promo


Graduates, get a FREE Crispy Fried Chicken when you order one Family meal.